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She sighed to the sound of Jazz; its playful sound made yesterday seem less depressed. She jumped at any opportunity to feed her soul escaping the feeling of becoming a crow trapped in a nest, singing the old song of heartbreak. She was addicted to the honesty; jazz never tried to be something it didn’t want to be. It simply was what it was, with no apologies. Her freshly pale, pink toes allowed slight whispers of noise as they moved to accompany the frenetic beat. Hair swung over her hips like a kiss from gilded wings. She sipped her coffee and smiled through scalded lips. Her fingers shook through the ache of her pen, and the album in the corner had many times run dead. Lying back on the cold floor, she thought to herself “just a few songs more”, and restarted the record watching it spin as her world recollected. And at 3:00 AM she finally drifted past the moon as her eyes fluttered like feathers into sleep. And the stars watched her lips murmur, as she dreamed in ways we never dared, until the warmth of sunlight returned her to the land of the living. She loved the dawn; it always came around no matter how hard the night fought back.


Living on sunset strip was an interesting experience. I was located right by the whiskey and viper room. This part of town in iconic for its music venues. However if you are not 21+ there isn't a whole lot to do. While there are multitudes of restaurants many of them are on the expensive side. Same goes for shopping with H&M being the only really reasonably priced place to shop. The big draw for me was how close it was to my work at the time, I worked at Equinox an exclusive gym in sunset plaza. It is great if you want to see sweaty celebrity's in their natural habitat or if you want a bomb smoothy from earth-bar. It is a fun central location with Melrose, West-Hollywood, and Hollywood, all being a long walk or short drive away.



2- Lots of options for food.

3- Always a fun vibe.

4- Iconic places everywhere.

5- central location.

6- kick-ass old school book store.

7- short ubers on your nights out.



2- Drunk people everywhere every night.

3- Not the most 'walk-able' for daily needs like grocery's, target runs, CVS, etc.

4- crime is a real issue at night.

5- parking sucks always.

6- never an excuse not to go out. unless you are under 21.

7- No highways close by.


SERIES ALERT! Living in different places in LA!

I have lived/ basically lived in quite a few places here in LA, so I figured for those looking to move I would give my view point on the different neighborhoods, and breakdown some of the goods, bads, and interestings. The place I lived the longest although sometimes I was staying in other neighborhoods for stretches of time was Santa Monica. I lived on 6th and Wilshire. which is a 10-15 minute walk to the beach or peir and about a 5 minute walk to the promenaded.


1- Stunning weather, it is always a little warmer in the winter and a touch cooler in the summer.

2- You can go to the beach, promenaded, or pier when ever you want.

3- Plenty of food places.


5- Near the highways makes getting around relatively easy.

6- Street performers!

7- muscle beach!



2- While you can go to the beach, promenade, or pier whenever you want. You almost never actually go because ya know life.... beach takes time, promenade is temptation for your sad bank account, pier is a money sucking tourist trap. 

3- Santa Monica beach is always crowded and pretty dirty so to get to a good beache you have to drive anyway.

4- ALL THE HOMELESS. For how expensive it is to live there, be ready for homeless everywhere. And if you like morning runs watch your step and don't expect to be able to get down to the beach as the stairs down to it will literally look like bunk beds. (other than the "bathroom" step....)

5- touristy food, often not that good and way over priced.

6- I dare you. try to get back to Santa Monica on the weekend, I dare you. Also don't try to leave around rush hour, because you will die in your car before getting anywhere.

7- Far enough from your friends who live anywhere else, that to see people you will have to drive to them. (unless they want a beach day)

I really did love my time in Santa Monica, It was like being on vacation all the time on days when I could actually enjoy it. But for the price tag, I personally didn't utilize it enough because of my over scheduled life. However there are some hidden gems, like the coffee shops mentioned further down in this section. If you can afford it and can deal with cons it really is an AMAZING place to spend your days.


On the road to   LA  Photo by - Jon Wong

On the road to LA Photo by - Jon Wong

1- Are you moving to actually pursue something? or do you feel like simply moving to LA will launch you into fame or success?

2- Do you have a job already laid out?

3- Do you have a car, or are you planning on using the bus system (valid option but very time consuming)?

4- Do you have a few months rent saved up? LA rent tends to range from $800 If you are very lucky all the way to $3000 for a simple loft.

5- Are you okay being alone? Friendship can be hard to come by out here, and even when you have friends often you are both always hella busy.

6- ARE YOU OKAY SITTING IN TRAFFIC? Because you will basically live in your car (side note, gas is more expensive out here).

7- Can you handle false promises, and harsh comments?

8- Do homeless people scare you?

9- Are you ready to inevitably fall into a fad diet?

10- Is the struggle and hustle going to be worth it, will you actually regret it if you don't move to LA or are you just moving here because it seems like the place to be?

All this being said, LA is a stunning place to live, full of wonderful people, and grand opportunity. However it is not for everybody, don't move simply to move somewhere "cool" move somewhere that calls to your heart not your Instagram.

Cafe Demitasse *Santa Monica CA*

Cafe Demitasse is a small coffee shop in Santa Monica CA, if you are looking for a change of pace and some fun exciting flavors this is the place to go! I have never had a bad cup of anything from this coffee shop, some of my menu favorites are the liquid lavender hot chocolate which comes with a large marshmallow on top and is the equivalent to drinking a melted dark chocolate bar with lavender. Another Favorite is their cold brew which WILL make you feel like going on a 30 mile hike and then spontaneously com-busting from caffeine intake. Demitasse also does one hella rad cappuccino, (pictured above) latte, espresso(pictured above), as well as ice teas, or their drinks of the day depending on the barista. They also sell artisan chocolates(pictured above) which are the bomb.com! The vibe is chill if not a touch snooty on occasion, but over all friendly. Perfect for a first coffee date or casual meeting.


Bowen Ranch Hot Springs Adventure

Bowen Ranch Hot springs (pictured Above) Are a set of natural hot springs in Apple Valley CA, about 2 hours outside of LA. They are 100% worth the drive, with 7 hot pools to sit and relax in and one normal pool to cool off in it is natural perfection at its finest. The hike can be a little intense if you are not used to hiking as it has some steep sections as well as some drop offs that can be a little scary. The path can be tricky to navigate so be sure to use the map provided. It is around 2 miles down and 2 miles back up, so wear appropriate shoes and bring LOTS of water! This is a truly out doors experience, no phone signal so if you get hurt its going to be an ordeal. Also as it is Cali watch for snakes you're in the desert after all! To get on the path to the hot springs you have to pay 5 dollars to the people who own the land it's 15 if you plan on spending the night. They will give you a trash bag and map, and tell you to be out by sunset if you haven't paid for the overnight version. If you paid the 5 dollars BE OUT BY SUNSET, as this is not the most stable group of individuals and I have heard tails of people being chased around. But if you follow the rules they are not an issue. It might sound like it is a little scary but it is so WORTH it! it is a truly life changing place to visit and get back in touch with nature. Last warning, if naked people scare you then beware as nudist occasionally visit the springs.) Other wise have a blast!!! Tag me in pics if you visit! @wesleekateheileman on Insta!